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John McGlashan College values Careers and Transition Education, catering for different pathways. 

From 2016, the College will adopt a whole-school approach to this integral element of holistic learning. A Careers Lead Team and Mentor Teachers will assist students in their passage from developing self-awareness, exploring opportunities to deciding and acting.

Students will be given opportunities and support from year 7 through to year 13. This will ensure they learn about themselves, their options and how to transition effectively into career pathways. These opportunities are provided in alignment with the Ministry of Education’s Careers Benchmarks and Vocational Pathways.

The College employs multiple resources to manage our Careers programme effectively. STAR funding can be utilised to explore education opportunities outside of the school environment. Our Gateway option allows senior students to participate in workplace based learning and complete industry qualifications. A key component of the Kamar Student Management System is comprised of a Parent Portal that allows you to gain insight into your student’s career and transition education.

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