The visual art department’s philosophy is that any person is able to draw with competence if they are willing to learn the processes involved.

Drawing underpins the variety of art making practices that the students at John McGlashan College experience and as with drawing, every practice is taught through systematic steps to achievement. 

Three dimensional drawing towards Sculpture is a strong part of the junior programmes as this is an age when students can begin to understand how to manipulate the illusion of three dimensional forms on a two dimensional surface.

As the students enter into year nine there is an equal emphasis on art history as on practical art, the two units of work run parallel with each other with one informing the other during the course.

From year level one into level three the practices of Sculpture, Painting and Design are taught, and as the students move towards their final year they begin to specialize in one or more for their level three external submission.

Most of our senior students who wish to pursue a career in visual arts attend the Massey University school of design in Wellington with the remainder attending Architecture at University in Wellington or Auckland and some enrolling in Fine Art Schools.

We have a proud and growing history of top graduates from the Massey University school of design, most of them tend to specialize in Industrial design and visual communication.

Recent graduates have established exciting careers as industrial designers, been selected for prestigious masters courses in international universities and also found themselves in New York after being head hunted for top management positions.

Arts Week 2017

The careful planning and preparation that all of the arts teachers had put in for our 17th annual Year 10 arts week was time well spent as the week got underway on November 13.  

Posted: Sunday December 3, 2017

Spotlight on the ARTS

Sir Ken Robinson said, "Creativity is now as important in education as literacy". Arts subjects can help us break out of traditional patterns of thinking and adopt fresh approaches to intellectual experiences. The arts complement more traditional subjects by enhancing creative thinking skills.

Posted: Monday June 5, 2017

Art Department Term 1 & 2

So far this year, we have started a senior photography course which is producing some very promising work.  

Posted: Sunday May 14, 2017

Term 3 Art Department

This term has seen a range of artworks being created in the art department.  

Posted: Wednesday September 14, 2016