Digital Technologies

How it fits into the New Zealand Curriculum 

Digital Technologies sits within the Technology learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum and at senior level has become a new specialist subject within this learning area. At senior level (levels 6, 7 and 8 in the NZ Curriculum), Digital Technologies is made up of five specialist areas: Digital Information, Digital Media, Digital Infrastructure, Programming and Computer Science, And Electronics. Within a programme of learning students should carry out some aspect of technological practice whilst developing their digital technology outcomes thus ensuring digital technologies contributes towards a student’s overall technology education.

Current Configuration

In 2015 Digital technologies runs as a module in year 9, and as a senior subject from level 1 through level 3.

At year 9 we introduce and practice computer programming and robotics.  

Our senior subjects have a broad focus in game, phone app and web development.  Web development underpins all our work because of the trend for most digital technology becoming web based or enabled.  

Game development is a focus because it is both a fun yet serious context for students to develop a wide array of digital skills. Phone application development is another popular and relevant context in which students can explore and develop real world skills.

The following link connects to a video of robots created by year 9 students in 2015