Maths For Life And Maths In Life

The Mathematics department is passionate about learning and value excellence both in our teaching and the achievements of our students. We encourage students to persevere in their problem solving. All students are encouraged to reach their potential in mathematics and to develop a curiosity about their learning. Students are encouraged to think critically about their own work. Teachers foster an environment where students are not afraid to offer their own solutions to problems and evaluate possible solutions.

Junior School

Most of our topics are introduced in Year 9 and developed throughout Year 10. The Year 10 extension class works through the Cambridge curriculum and spends time preparing themselves for examinations. Anyone that has been identified as having difficulty with basic mathematics can opt into an extra support programme focusing on numeracy to enhance their general understanding.

Senior School

There are different options for Mathematics:

  • Streamed NCEA courses (Level 1, 2 and 3)
  • IB Mathematics Standard and Studies Levels


Weekly after school tutorials are offered at all year levels. Boys are able to come along to a supportive environment to get assistance on any problems they have encountered in their work. These are run by all the mathematics staff and are well attended.

Competitions and Extra-Curricular

Several competitions are offered to the boys during the year:

  • OMAthalon
  • Junior Mathematics Competition¬†
  • ICAS Mathematics Competition
  • Senior Eton Mathematics Competition

Ainslie Anderson
HOD Mathematics

Mathematics Department ... OMAthalon Hat Trick Denied!

The Mathematics department has been busy for the first part of this term organising and training students for the regional mathematics competitions. One of the main competitions we compete in and generally perform well is the OMAthalon Competition.

Posted: Thursday September 13, 2018

Life before teaching Maths at JMC

The John McGlashan Maths department is made up of five specialist mathematics teachers.

Posted: Friday March 24, 2017

NZs Next Top Engineer

It may be hard to believe, but all sorts of problems can be solved and all sorts of questions answered with a little bit of maths.

Posted: Wednesday August 10, 2016

Maths Department Receives a Gift ...

When five fully-laden sacks of a brand new edition of an IB Maths textbook arrived here at school, courtesy of Oxford University Press and Royal Mail, it seemed like Christmas had arrived early ... not a cent to pay, either for the books or the postage.

Posted: Monday November 2, 2015