Physical Education

Health and Physical Education makes a significant contribution to the well-being of students beyond the classroom. It integrates with so many key activities not only school wide but also in the community. 

As boys develop resilience, movement skills and a sense of personal and social responsibility, they are increasingly able to take responsibility for themselves and contribute to the well-being of those around them.

Learning Area Structure

The learning activities in health and physical education arise from the following four strands and their achievement objectives.

  • Personal health and physical development 
  • Movement concepts and motor skills 
  • Relationships with other people
  • Healthy communities and environments


Davies Sport Centre – fitness room, large dividable indoor gym space, changing rooms and classroom.
Astro turf tennis courts
Sports Fields
Close access to Ross Creek, Balmacewen Golf Course and Redwoods Mountain Bike Tracks.

Year 7 – 10 Physical Education 

Boys participate in two periods per week covering the learning and development of a wide variety of movement skills and sports. These include among others basketball, gymnastics, rugby, athletics, volleyball, badminton, fitness, cross-country, Ki-o-rahi and football.

Through these there is a focus on key areas of growth and development such as self-management, relating to others, participating and contributing.  

Year 7&8 students participate in a specialised motor skill development program that develops boy’s balance and locomotion, fitness, and hand-eye coordination. Additional swimming classes are also offered along with rugby and football coaching.

NCEA Physical Education 

A full academic course is offered at Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13. 

Year 11

Study includes knowledge of body structure, experiencing out-door education activities/ sports and their effect on well-being, performance of physical skills, examining the quality of movement in physical activity and safety in the outdoors. The programme has a mix of theory and practical classes each week. A mountain bike camp is completed in Naseby that assesses boys riding ability, effort, engagement and safety in the outdoors.

Year 12

Functional anatomy, biomechanics, principles and methods of training, skill learning and sport psychology, sociological impact of a sporting event and risk assessment are all completed applying physical skill practice. Physical skills are assessed on a ski/snowboarding camp, and in athletics, golf and rock-climbing. 

Year 13

Study includes analysing a physical activity trend in NZ society, carrying out and evaluating a personalised exercise programme, biomechanical analysis of a sporting skill, issues in outdoor education, and performance of physical skills. Physical skills are assessed on a snow-caving camp to the Snow Farm, and through running the 3 Peaks race.


Health is taught as a subject on its own to year 9 and 10 students as part of the modules programme.  Year 9 and 10 classes have Health for 2 periods per week for half of the year. In that time they cover a variety of different topics including who am I, decision making, attitude, addictive substances, sexuality, conception/contraception, early human development and cyber-safety.

In year 7 and 8 Health is integrated into the Social English program. Here students look at a huge range of everyday issues about how we treat each other, respect, communication and cyber safety. Year 8 classes also complete a Discover ME unit focussing of pubertal changes and the sexuality road.

Throughout the year there a number of different groups who come to speak to the boys. The Attitude group spends a whole day here with yr 9-13 students looking at issues around sexuality, hauora and wellbeing, substance addiction and choices. They all emphasise the importance of informed decision making, not rushing in, consequences and overcoming peer pressure.


Physical Education and Health

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Physical Education and Health

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