Mā te whakaaro nui e hanga te whare;
mā te mātauranga e whakaū.

Science is a way of investigating, understanding, and explaining our natural, physical world and the wider universe. It involves generating and testing ideas, gathering evidence. This includes making observations, carrying out investigations, modelling, and communicating and debating with others – in order to develop scientific knowledge, understanding, and explanations. Scientific progress comes from logical, systematic work and from creative insight, built on a foundation of respect for evidence.

Students at John McGlashan gain a broad understanding of the material, physical, living, geological and astronomical environments surrounding them. The year seven to ten programme focuses on a range of contextual and stimulating topics in those environments to help students gain knowledge of important concepts, processes and scientific methodology. Students have opportunity to participate and contribute to a number of hands on initiatives including stream water monitoring, waste reduction, science fair, field trips, native plant propagation and conservation planting.

At year 11 students may choose to specialise into biology, chemistry and physics or take a general science course. In the senior school science is divided into general science, chemistry, physics and biology. Students pursue a comprehensive and rigorous course covering the higher concepts of the respective fields. They have the choice to follow either the NCEA or International Baccalaureate courses in each of the three sciences. 

McGlashan leavers depart with a deep understanding of the scientific world around them. They have accrued a range of skills and expertise that enables them to be life-long learners who are self-directed and self-motivated in their learning.

Our students also take part in regular National and International Science competitions, regularly achieving Distinction and finishing in the high percentile brackets.

2018 Science Fair

Year 8 and 9 students proudly present the fabulous findings of their intriguing investigations.

Posted: Thursday August 9, 2018

Science Department 2018

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny...' Isaac Asimov

Posted: Sunday March 4, 2018


Let the science magic begin...

Posted: Monday June 5, 2017

Maroon Lagoon from Algal Bloom

IB students join with other Dunedin schools to monitor water quality at Tomahawk Lagoon.

Posted: Monday February 27, 2017