Social Sciences

Our aim teaching social studies is to enable students to contribute to society as informed and responsible people. Students will cover a wide range of topic areas and develop a variety of skills. Through this course students will also develop a sound basis for NCEA in your senior school years, particularly in geography and history. 

Year Nine 

Kiwi Identity

What makes us who we are as New Zealanders? (e.g. is it sport, food or our past?)

Resource Conflicts Amazonia

What affects peoples access to resources? (e.g. tropical rainforest, water, minerals.) 

Pacific Travellers

Why have people moved from place to place through the Pacific area?  (e.g. early Maori and Europeans, Dutch, Finns, Dunedin settlers.)

Who makes the rules?

How New Zealand is governed – elections, MP’s, select committees and political issues.

Hitler’s Germany

Impacts of Hitler’s rule on people, particulary the Jews and how people’s lives changed.

People of the Monsoon

Location, culture, religion, history, and daily life in South East Asia.

Special Places

What makes a place special for people. Investigating a place of importance for you.

Asia Wise Competition

A week long research competition focusing on Asia.   

Current Events

The views of people and the consequences of possible solutions to problems. 

Year Ten

The Treaty of Waitangi

What is it? How did it develop? Why are there still issues today? A focus on how the Treaty has affected people’s lives and their relationships with others.

Economic World

Investiagting how money works and how we produce goods. Making products from concepts. Exploring how Banks and the Economic system work?

9 to 5 (Work)

The changing nature of work and its impact on people. Career planning and preparing for work experience week. 

Human Rights

How people seek justice and human rights. (e.g. children and refugees).

The Great Escape

Tourism and its effects on people and the Environment.

Sustainability Theme

November including 8 days at camp. Skills for young social scientists.
Ohau/McKenzie Basin Camp preparation. History, mapping, understanding hypothermia.
Skills: eg mapping, graphing, note taking, photo/cartoon interpetation.
Asia Wise Competition
A week long research competition focusing on Asia.   

Current Events

Viewpoints, solutions and consequences created by issues (e.g. whaling in the Pacific, Middle East).

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