The aim of Materials Technology at John McGlashan College is to improve students’ technological literacy and to develop an analytical and logical approach to problem solving. Their ability to select, use and manipulate materials will be the foundation for this development. 

At each level the three strands of Technological Practice, Technological Knowledge and The Nature of Technology are introduced through the use of materials, electronics, and feasibility studies.  The degree of complexity increases at each level.

In Year 7, students are introduced to technology practice using plastic and the old classic wooden pencil case project.

Year 8 students progress through to looking at flight and an associated project. Basic mechanism development reinforces the idea of modelling.

At Year 9 the boys have a variety of activities designed to broaden their experiences. These include, making jewellery from pewter constructing a flashing light with a printed circuit board, building a CO2 powered dragster (lot of fun racing these) and developing a mechanism using cams and levers.

Year 10 sees the boys consolidate their basic hand skills and design abilities to solve practical everyday solutions. Storage items, trays, disability aids and unique prototypes are typical examples. By now the students are confident and able enough to produce design solutions and products for a client. Satisfying stakeholder demands governs what happens in the senior years from Year 11 to 13. A wide range of materials and processes are available for the boys to use and gain skills with. Most find integrating wood and metal into a product particularly satisfying. 

By Year 12 the boys enjoy and are involved in problem solving a huge range of issues with satisfaction coming from both the journey and the end product. Technology is a vehicle to an awareness of a range of occupations that contribute to the net worth of the country and to what is involved in making life easier. It’s fun too.

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