IB Diploma

John McGlashan has been offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma since 1999. We are the only boy’s school in the South Island to offer this prestigious internationally recognised secondary school qualification.

John McGlashan has an excellent history in the diploma, regularly achieving above the Worldwide average in subjects and having many of the students achieve scholarships to both New Zealand and International Universities. These include scholarships and offers to Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Duke, Berlin Medical School, Melbourne, Otago, and Loughborough Engineering. We are currently the only school in the World to have two students achieve the Robertson scholarship to Duke University, both of whom were IB graduates. (Ollie Wilson 2007, Jamie Band 2011)

What is it all about?

The IB diploma is a rigorous academic qualification that goes beyond the classroom, with a focus on educating the whole student, giving them the best possible preparation for tertiary education. It is currently studied in 3,416 schools in 141 countries.

It is this broad holistic approach that allows the development of the whole student, gaining skills that will enable them to tackle the challenges of tertiary education and beyond. This and the global perspective, giving students an opportunity to gain a variety of insights into topics from a range of viewpoints is why McGlashan chose to offer the Diploma.

More information can be found at www.ibo.org.

What will I study?

The diploma requires a student to take 6 subjects across a range of areas including; English, mathematics, a second language, humanities, sciences, and arts. Three of these are studied at ‘Standard level’ and three at ‘Higher level’. This allows students to maintain a breadth of study, whilst also getting depth in subjects of their choice.