Junior School

The earliest two years of John McGlashan College are grounded in a community of learning that is based in homerooms, and guided by teachers who specialise in the transition of upper primary to secondary education. From here the boys branch out to explore the wide variety of learning areas and extra-curricula opportunities that are on offer.

These years are a formative time for the habits and learning required for success in the senior school. The junior department adds vibrancy to the school and their participation in full school events is high.

It is within our progressive homeroom environments that the boys explore the English, mathematics, social sciences and health curricula. Embedding technology, via a one-to-one approach, enables the boys to maximise creative thought, and independence, as well as integrate critical literacies. Learning is further enhanced by links with the other curricula, which are taught by specialist teachers. 

Additional compulsory subjects to our homeroom courses include Science, Physical Education, Motorskills, E-Literacy, S.E.E.K (self-directed learning), Te Reo, German, French, Technology, Art, Music, Drama, and Christian Studies. These courses are often taught by specialist teachers who teach these subjects in the senior school. 

Aside from the targeted learning that happens in our small sized classes, boys are ability and interest grouped across the two year levels for numeracy, motorskills and exploratory learning times. Homeroom and specialist teachers, student tutors and assistive technologies ensure that students have opportunities to self-direct their learning.  (Image: Y8 Collaboration)  

Positive role models are provided in the form of staff and older students. Relationships with senior students are fostered through our annual year 13 and 7 barbeque, socials, peer tutoring, coaching, student council, and prefect form times.

We encourage boys in the junior syndicate to develop a well-rounded personality that can arise from the ‘hidden’ curriculum. Almost all boys in the junior school take part in service, sporting and/or cultural pursuits. It is important to us that all students are willing to challenge themselves, develop a sense of resilience, and that they feel comfortable and safe at school.  We work alongside the boys to ensure they are aware of their learning and they develop the skills to action the steps they need to continuously improve.

There's Gold in Them There Hills.

On the 28th of August, the Year 8 cohort set off to find some. The boys, staff and parents headed to Queenstown to round off our five week study on the history of the Central Otago Gold Rush and the development of this area, through to modern day ventures that bring wealth to the region.

Posted: Thursday September 13, 2018

Problem Solvers Produce Place-getting Performance

Our Year 7 and 8 Tournament of Minds (TOM) team was in ‘lock-down’ mode for the first six weeks of this term as they worked on a long term challenge to deliver to judges at the regional championships on the 1st of September.

Posted: Thursday September 13, 2018

Town Belt Trapinators

The Town Belt Kaitiaki student leadership team from John McGlashan has put in motion the next phase of predator control within the Dunedin Town Belt.

Posted: Wednesday August 8, 2018

Year 7 and 8 Prepared Reading Final 2018

Ten of our best went head to head in the 2018 Prepared Reading Final at the end of Term 2. Not only did they conquer a skill that is a regular within ‘top ten fears’ lists, but they also entertained the syndicate and judges with their well-rehearsed excerpts.

Posted: Monday August 6, 2018