Learning Support

The following support is available for students who have been identified as someone who would benefit from having additional tuition to enhance their literacy and/or numeracy skills.

  • Weekly literacy support lessons in Years 7-10
  • Year 9 & 10 numeracy options available as a subject choice
  • Workshops and tutorials offered after school in Years 9-13
  • Senior EXCEL tutoring programme after school one day a week
  • Peer Reading programme: Senior students (Year 12 /13 tutoring younger students)
  • Junior EXCEL - "Maths Max" tutoring programme for Y7 & 8 students (Year 10 students involved as the tutors)
  • Teacher Aide support - Support in classrooms is prioritised by the level of need
  • Referral to the RTLB (Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour)
  • Reader/writer support/extra time/computer use (if eligible)
  • Assistive Technology - On-line tutoring programmes available to students include:
  • Mathsbuddy
  • Bigiqkids on-line spelling/A+ Spelling/Spelling City
  • LEXIA Strategies for Older Readers CORE 5
  • LEXIA Visual Memory Trainer
  • Audio books and Kindles are available in the library
  • Writing software : iWORDQ and Co-Writer 6

Lessons from Learning Support: What to do when you think you have no homework

It might be time to change how we think about the dreaded 'homework'.

Posted: Thursday March 7, 2019

Help! We need you!

To assist the team with meeting the needs of students at McGlashan, we are currently seeking people that would be willing to assist students by performing the role of Reader/Writer.

Posted: Thursday February 7, 2019

EXCEL Tutoring Programme

Our peer tutoring programme is back for 2019.

Posted: Thursday February 7, 2019

Lesson's from Learning Support - Success comes from consistency.

If you are seeking success in 2019, then the first step is to aim for consistencey.

Posted: Thursday February 7, 2019