Debating is fundamentally an organised argument. It is a sport that requires quick thinking, a good grasp of politics and current affairs and the confidence to stand up and argue your point. Debates cover areas such as international relations, ethics, economics, government and hypothetical topics. Debating is particularly attractive for students who are interested in law, politics and humanities: these are all areas that require building and proving a sound argument.

In the senior college, debating includes three principal events: the Russell McVeagh Secondary Schools Debating competition, Dunedin Schools Debating, and various school interchanges.  McGlashan has a strong history in debating; we often have speakers at regional and national events.  

In the junior college, there is the Dunedin Schools Debating junior competition as well as lunchtime and after school debates. Our senior students who are encouraged to take on coaching/mentoring roles manage these.

The Dunedin Schools Debating competition is run by the University of Otago Debating Society. This means that our students gain valuable feedback and coaching advice from some of the very best debaters in New Zealand.  

Iain McGilchrist
Teacher in charge of debating