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Consent and Health Forms for sport trips:

  • Health Form (this form needs to to be completed once a season and the responsibility is then on the caregiver to provide information on ay changes to the health of a participant)

  • Parental Cosent Form (to be distributed to caregivers with details of event)

  • Transport Safety and Student Drivers (to be completed if a participant is being driven by someone other than his caregiver or is driving themselves to an event)

Please note, that these forms must be completed and returned in order for a participant to attend an event. Please ensure that caregivers understand this school requirement and that if forms are not returned, their son may be prevented from attending the event.

A copy of these forms must be taken on the trip and a copy kept at the school.


RAMS Forms (Risk Assessment Management Strategies):

These forms need to be completed by the manager prior to an event to highlight possible risks, procedures that will be implemented to minimise risks and actions that will be taken if an accident/incident occurs. Upto 3 types of RAMS forms will need to be completed for each event:

  • Events RAMS (The organisers of the event will normally have an event RAMS, normally published online or emailed out with application forms. If an events RAMS does not exist, the manager of the team will need to create their own)
  • Travel RAMS (When students are being trasnported to an event, a travel RAMS is required. Bus companies may have their own Travel RAMS that can be referred to)
  • Accommodation RAMS (When students are staying overnight at the event, an accommodation RAMS is required)


EXAMPLE RAMS (can be adapted)


Blues Forms

Blues are presented for both summer and winter sports. Students are encouraged to self nominate. However, if you are the manager/coach of the team or the link teacher and wish to nominate a boy, please read the criteria provided below and then ask the boys to supply the relevant information.


Drug Free Sport

Youth Project Resource

Information and tools to help youth make good decisions