School Principal

Neil Garry -

Sports Director

Tiny Carruthers - 

Phone: (03) 467 6620 ext 239


Sports Coordinator

Angela Button - 

Phone: (03) 467 6620 ext 239



Teachers in Charge

Athletics Anne Burton
Badminton Chung-Wei Wang
Basketball Sue Porter
Canoe Polo Brent Wolf
Chess Mary Guthrie

Cricket Craig Preston
Cross Country Angela Button
Curling Andrew Leitch
Debating Iain McGilchrist
Duke of Edinburgh Jennifer McLeod
Football Ainslie Andersen
Golf Andrew Hore
Golf Colin Gray
Hockey Stewart McDonald
(03) 467 6620  ext 244
Ice Hockey Geoff Avis
Mini Ball Sue Porter
Mountain Biking Jeremy Cuthbert
Multisport Jeremy Cuthbert
Orienteering Andrew Leitch
Rowing Tiny Carruthers
Rugby  Anthony Staples 
1st XV Rugby Director Michael Idour
2nd XV Head Coach Duncan McEwan  
Skiing and Snowboarding Anna Noble
Sailing Bryn Jones
Squash Angela Button
Surfing Brent Wolf
Swimming Brent Wolf
Table Tennis Tom Casey
Tennis Geoff Murdoch 
Tennis Don Campbell
Theatresport Kimberley Fridd
Touch Bruce James
Trap Shooting Murray Munro
Volleyball Tom Casey
Waterpolo Brent Wolf
Yachting Bryn Jones

St Andrew's College Sporting Exchange, under stormy skies

Yes, the weather was wet and cold, but the welcome was warm and the friendship which developed was worth getting damp for.

Posted: Friday March 24, 2017

Dunedin Primary and Intermediate Triathlon Championships

John McGlashan College students compete in the Dunedin Primary and Intermediate Triathlon Championships.  

Posted: Wednesday March 22, 2017

Otago Secondary School Athletics Championships

John McGlashan College boys had a successful weekend at the Otago Secondary School Athletics Championships.

Posted: Monday March 13, 2017

Kids with killer kicks!

Since last year, Riley and Keegan Hall have been teaching a karate class for children in the John McGlashan College gym on Sundays. 

Posted: Wednesday March 1, 2017