JMC House Competitions

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School Houses

We have four Houses and the competition between these is keen and a feature of life at John McGlashan College.

  • Balmacewen

  • Burns

  • Gilray

  • Ross 


Major Sporting events between Houses are (click on image for further information): 

Elvidge Cup 2017 House Points

St Andrew's Winter Sports Exchange

With the McGlashan Formal on the night before, the 11 am departure was early enough for some. Nevertheless, we got away on time and looking smart in dress uniform.

Posted: Friday June 15, 2018

McGlashan Cross Country 2018

It’s Cross Country time again, depending on your perception; Cross Country conjures up many different feelings.

Posted: Wednesday May 23, 2018

Waihi Sports Exchange

The Waihi sports exchange is an experience that McGlashan boys talk about for years afterward.

Posted: Tuesday May 22, 2018

South Island Athletics, 2018

With all eyes on Josh Hou, it was another athlete that gained his share of the limelight at the South Island Secondary School Track meet in Timaru.

Posted: Thursday March 29, 2018