JMC House Competitions

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School Houses

We have four Houses and the competition between these is keen and a feature of life at John McGlashan College.

  • Balmacewen

  • Burns

  • Gilray

  • Ross 


Major Sporting events between Houses are (click on image for further information): 

Elvidge Cup 2017 House Points

A successful inaugural sports exchange against Southland Boys' High School

Three buses left John McGlashan College early on Wednesday 8th May heading to Invercargill for the start of a new exchange.

Posted: Friday May 17, 2019

A good day for our athletes at the Caledonian

We had a number of talented athletes represent our school in the Otago Secondary Schools' Athletics on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th March.

Posted: Friday March 29, 2019

Waihi Summer Exchange

The Year 7 / 8 boys headed off to Waihi for their first exchange of the year.

Posted: Tuesday March 5, 2019

School Athletics 2019

The annual athletics days started with house prelims, where the top four athletes from each division from each of the four houses were found.

Posted: Tuesday March 5, 2019