JMC House Competitions

School Houses

We have four Houses and the competition between these is keen and a feature of life at John McGlashan College.

  • Balmacewen

  • Burns

  • Gilray

  • Ross 


Major Sporting events between Houses are (click on image for further information): 

St Andrew's College Sporting Exchange, under stormy skies

Yes, the weather was wet and cold, but the welcome was warm and the friendship which developed was worth getting damp for.

Posted: Friday March 24, 2017

Dunedin Primary and Intermediate Triathlon Championships

John McGlashan College students compete in the Dunedin Primary and Intermediate Triathlon Championships.  

Posted: Wednesday March 22, 2017

Otago Secondary School Athletics Championships

John McGlashan College boys had a successful weekend at the Otago Secondary School Athletics Championships.

Posted: Monday March 13, 2017

Kids with killer kicks!

Since last year, Riley and Keegan Hall have been teaching a karate class for children in the John McGlashan College gym on Sundays. 

Posted: Wednesday March 1, 2017