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Enrolments for 2019

Closing dates for enrolments

  Boarders: 2nd July
  Day boys: 15th August

Open Night / Afternoon

  Tuesday 31st July 7.pm
  Thursday 2nd August 2:00 pm

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  Enrolment Form JMC
  Supplementary Enrolment Form

  Selection Process

To: Parents of prospective students in 2019

Dear Prospective Parents, 

Thank you for enquiring about a place for your son as a student at John McGlashan College. I am very proud of what this school has to offer and I’d welcome the chance to tell you about it. 

At McGlashan, we think it is important that boys learn in a positive, secure environment and aspire to intellectual excellence. They need to know where they stand and here they have skilled, effective teachers, clear guidelines, good friends, and great facilities. 

Of course we want them to make the most of their strengths and abilities and leave school with qualifications and skills that will enable them to lead successful and worthwhile lives. That is one reason for our strong academic focus but, for many boys, the opportunity to learn and mix with talented, high-achieving classmates is a great incentive. Boys at every level of academic ability are strongly supported in their classroom. 

Boys need to be active too and McGlashan holds to the ideal of “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. We do not expect all boys to be top sportsmen, though a surprising number are, but we do want them to be physically fit and to experience the satisfaction and enjoyment that comes from organised sport – from playing in well managed, well coached teams. 

We aim also to make them aware of the arts and to allow them to express themselves creatively – whether in music or drama or in painting, sculpture and design. 

Our college ethos is based on generosity of spirit. That’s the ethos that beats in the heart of the McGlashan community and that’s the character we want the boys to develop over their years at the college. 

Above all we want to work with parents to ensure that, the boys become great men – family men, good men in their community, men who embody that original McGlashan family spirit 

We will hold an open night and an open day in August and this will be an opportunity to see the school in action. Of course, the best advertising by far is “word of mouth” and I encourage you to speak with any current parents or boys about their McGlashan experience. I am confident that we can meet your highest expectations. 

I invite you to read the prospectus or visit our website www.mcglashan.school.nz and if you think that McGlashan might be the right choice for your son, I look forward to receiving his application. 

Please contact Jan Owen, Principal’s P.A. if you have any questions or require assistance. 

Kind regards 

Neil Garry