Enrolment Selection Process

 Enrolment Process - Parents of prospective students at John McGlashan College in 2019 


In some years the number of applications for enrolment at the College has exceeded the number of places available. The Integration Agreement states that, in these circumstances, 

“Preference…shall be given to those pupils with parents who have a particular family, religious or philosophic sympathy with the special character of the College...” 

This means that Board of Proprietors must identify which students are “preference” students and submit their names to the Board of Trustees, who then must implement a Ministry approved enrolment scheme (apart from brothers and sons of board members, most go into a ballot) to determine final places. 

It is important that we have enough information to make that process as fair as possible. 

There are at least 7 categories to take into account and we ask that you complete the accompanying form and submit it along with the enrolment application. 

The categories are: 


Family Association: Boys with brothers attending, or fathers who attended McGlashan, should have this made clear. Other family connections should be spelt out also. For example, a boy might have had a grandfather who attended, 


Christian Affinity: Here we look for involvement in a Christian church or stance in relation to Christian teachings and values. Where this is significant, a letter from a minister or church elder confirming it could be helpful. 


Citizenship and Attitude: This refers to the extent to which applicants meet expectations relating to the school’s core value and beliefs. We may contact the principal of each boy’s previous school and ask him/her about attitude, commitment and willingness to participate in the life of the school. 

 Special Strengths.

Most boys have some special skills, abilities and strengths that we would like to know about and take into account. They may have worked very hard to overcome or deal with a disability, for instance. They may be high achievers in cultural areas - in music or drama or art, or perhaps they can point to high achievements in one or more sports. 

 Most recent report.

We will also take this into account and would be grateful if you would include it, or a copy of it, with the application. 

 Parental Involvement.

This provides opportunity to include any other information about previous involvement with schools or education that parents may have had. Membership of a Board of Trustees, for instance, or involvement in a Parent Teacher Association or similar voluntary work in schools or other organisations could be included. 

 Other

Parents should mention anything else that may be relevant, or which they would like the selection committee to take into account. Letters of support could be included with the application. 


Please explain to your son that the ballot process really makes this a matter of luck and that the final outcome, whatever it may be, is not a reflection on him or on his abilities. 

Applications close on 

2nd July for boarders 

and 15th August for day boys. 

Parents will be notified as soon as possible after the process is completed.
The enrolment form and supplementary enrolment form can be downloaded from www.mcglashan.school.nz or contact Jan Owen at jowen@mcglashan.school.nz  or 467 6633 and an enrolment pack will be mailed to you. 

For obvious reasons, details of the enrolment committee’s deliberations will have to remain confidential and no correspondence or further discussion of the process can be entered into. 

Thank you again for your interest in enrolling your son at John McGlashan College. 

Yours sincerely 

Neil Garry