Fees Information

Fees are due and payable within one month of billing, at the beginning of each term.  
Parents are required to give a term's notice in writing of the withdrawal of a pupil from the College, or to pay a term's attendance dues (and Boarding Fee if applicable) in lieu thereof.  This also applies for any special classes for which extra fees are charged.

Entrance Fee
No entrance fee is payable.

Fee concessions
A rebate of 10% for second and subsequent brothers is deducted from boarding fees. There is no rebate for other fees.

Day boys may sign up at the beginning of each term to have lunch in the Boarding House. Boys must sign up for a term at a time and the cost is $28.75 (including GST) per week.

Disbursement deposit
The College operates a disbursement deposit account for pupils to cover items of incidental expenditure during the term. This is charged at the entry of each new pupil to the College and refunded when the pupil leaves the College. Initial Deposits for new entrants are currently: Boarders $400.00   Day Boys  $200.00

The College offers tuition in music, woodwork, technical drawing, art, cooking and other curricular activities and clubs.  In most instances pupils will be charged for the cost of materials. School camps are partly subsidized from Activity Fees. A charge for sports to cover equipment, affiliation fees and travel is charged to each pupil on a user pays basis.

Attendance dues
The Attendance dues fee is charged each term and in terms of the Integration Agreement completed in 1989, is used to cover such items as mortgage repayments and interest, rates, insurance and school building development required to maintain the College at state code funding levels.

Special Character Donation
The Special Character Donation is charged each term to assist with meeting the costs of the provision of Chaplaincy Services, resourcing arts and cultural opportunities, sports co-ordination and management and the ongoing development of outstanding facilities such as the Edgar Learning Centre and Davies Sports Centre.

Activity fee donation
The activity fee donation is charged at the rate of $50 per term. This is charged to cover the costs of items not covered by our funding. This donation is paid to the Board of Trustees.

Proprietor's levy donation
This optional levy will be charged each term.  This levy was established to provide a fund for future capital development and maintenance of assets which are not otherwise subsidized by the Ministry of Education. The fund will provide for the maintenance of the Chapel; and other non-integrated buildings, together with supporting items and activities which comprise the 'special character' of John McGlashan College.  Some funds have been used to fund part of the replacement of the main College building, student centre development and donations to assist the Board of Trustees in their operations. This donation is paid to the Board of Proprietors.

Parents and friends association donation
This optional donation is charged each term and forwarded to the Parents and Friends Association. This is augmented by proceeds from the annual fete, and in turn returned to the College for current projects.

Optional Levies and Donations are not liable for GST. Parents may include these payments in a claim for tax credits from the Inland Revenue Department. A receipt is issued for donations paid on an annual basis in April for the previous tax year (April – March).


Attendance Dues
All Pupils  $357.50 per term (exc. GST)
Special Character Donation
All Pupils   $60.00 per term
Activity Fee Donation
All Pupils  $50.00 per term
Proprietors' Levy Donation
All Pupils  $75.00 per term
Parents and Friends Association
All Pupils  $10.00 per term
2017 Boarding Fee All Boarders
$3,387.01 per term (incl. GST) 

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