Lochie Bain welcomes new boarding director Mr Andrew Campbell

By Barry Kelk | Posted: Thursday March 23, 2017

Head Boarder, Lochie Bain, welcomed the new boarding director Mr Andrew Campbell at an induction service earlier last week.

Last Monday evening, as boarders were returning from mid-term break, boarding parents joined them for a short induction service in the Chapel to welcome and introduce the new director,  Andrew Campbell. In welcoming Mr Campbell, Lochie said the boys were committed to making a smooth transition and that the boarders were looking forward to working with Mr Campbell to ensure their boarding environment continues to be of the highest standard. Mr Murray Munro will be farewelled later as he is working with Mr Campbell during this transition phase. He did. However, hand over the 'boarders roll' as a symbol of handing the responsibility of the pastoral care over to the new director. Principal, Neil Garry, and College Chaplain, Barry Kelk also contributed to the service. There was an encouraging turnout to meet Andrew and his family. We enjoyed each others company over supper before the parents began long journeys home and the boys settled in for the remainder of the term.