Put up your swords - the bright dew will not rust them

By Iain McGilchrist | Posted: Tuesday June 13, 2017

Fencing at McGlashan is becoming popular again.  Our fencers wield their foils and epees in a way that is worthy of any Shakespearean swordsman.

Fencing is not a new sport at McGlashan. It was a popular sport in the 1960s and 70s and is now making a strong comeback. The McGlashan Fencing Club comprises every Jedi, every pirate and every Zorro in the school and every Tuesday, under the tutelage of champion fencer Jason Sim, our boys wield foil, epée and sabre and it is fantastic.

The modern sport of fencing resembles a game of high speed chess, played in three dimensions. Like chess players, fencers draw from a repertoire of well-rehearsed moves. However, unlike chess, thinking and reaction times in fencing are measured in microseconds - the point of a foil can be travelling over 200 kph when a hit is made, so making a response to an opponent’s attack must be instantaneous.

Our college has several accomplished fencers and many more up-and-coming. Both Tim Scott and Barend Jenkins in particular have achieved highly. We have about 15 regular fencers and it is great to see that many of them are international students. All our fencers are highly competitive – aggressive even when their blades are drawn – but once off the piste, they are the epitome of gentlemen. If this sounds like you, then maybe you should give fencing a go.

Iain McGilchrist
Teacher in charge of fencing

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