Easter at John McGlashan College

By Rev. Barry Kelk | Posted: Thursday March 29, 2018

School leaders from John McGlashan and Columba College joined forces again this week to deliver Easter baskets.

Dozens of preprepared gift baskets were delivered to residents at Yvette Williams and Abbeyfield. The students spent time chatting with folks as they moved around the different units. Holy week has been covered by both Rev Kelk and Mr Veitch in their Christian Studies classes, (years 7-10) this week. The week culminated with our annual Easter Chapel on Thursday. Rev looked back over the past four years' services as a launch pad to this years topic. Why did the disciples fall asleep in the garden while Jesus really needed their support? Good intentions but a big disappointment. What can we learn about supporting our mates? Could we be being distracted by all the 'noise'? How are we at being still and quiet.? Even for a few minutes?

Many blessings, I pray that you too find some space this Easter to be still and ponder these things.  

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