e-Learning at McGlashan

Our Vision for e-Learning

Our students are entering an ever-changing world.  To support them in preparing for the diverse challenges and opportunities they will face, McGlashan's vision for e-Learning encompasses the five following aspects:

Personalised Learning  -  To enhance opportunities for personalised learning by harnessing a range of resources and by utilising accessibility features which respond to individual learner needs.
Global Connectivity  -  To create experiences for students to collaborate in a local, national, and global context, to encourage active problem solving using authentic and current international challenges.
Technical Skills  -  To establish an environment which develops the students into confident users of a range of digital technologies.
Media Fluency  -  To develop information processing skills that ensure students are critical and evaluative in their approach to research and information gathering.
Creativity  -  To nurture creativity across all curriculum areas by encouraging students to create, share, and to engage in open-ended project based learning.