Aims and Values

John McGlashan wrote that he favoured a “sound and liberal education” and today we continue to hold to this broad ideal. The College is committed to a comprehensive philosophy of education and seeks to enable and assist every boy to develop his potential to the fullest. 

We aim for intellectual excellence. By means of a well structured curriculum and through effective teaching and learning programmes we strive to instil the capacity for rigorous analysis, disciplined reflection and clear expression.

We also aim to provide an environment in which students become aesthetically aware, and where they will have the opportunity, through experiences in the arts and elsewhere, to express themselves creatively.

The College holds to the ideal of “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. We do not expect all boys to be top sportsmen, but we do want them to be physically fit and to experience the cooperation, satisfaction and enjoyment of organised sport.

We affirm standards that are fundamental to our Christian heritage: honesty, simplicity, respect and concern for others; and we try to uphold these standards within the College community.

Above all, we want our students to become well-educated men of character. We want them to learn to have the courage to stand, alone if necessary, for what they believe is right and to use their education and influence for the good of others. Our fervent hope is that boys will leave here as men of integrity and conviction.

In line with the N.Z. Curriculum we value and acknowledge the importance of: 

  • excellence, particularly when arising from hard work and perseverance 
  • innovation and curiosity
  • diversity – of cultures, ideas and languages
  • equity, fairness and social justice
  • ecological sustainability

We believe that every boy should be treated with respect and that we should teach and abide by Christian principles. The College will be a safe place, at all times, for all who live and learn in it - a place where boys can work hard and play hard and enjoy each other’s company.