Communication between home and school should be frank and open. We encourage parents to contact teachers or the Principal or a member of the Board if they have concerns about

(1) their sons’ progress or
(2) events at school or
(3) school policy or any other matters of concern.

Parents should get to know their boys’ form-teachers and keep them informed about any issues that could impact on learning. We have an ‘open-door’ policy and we welcome parents and visitors to the school at any time.

A newsletter is posted on-line and emailed every 3 or 4 weeks.  It contains information about recent and coming events and activities, student achievements, board meetings and other items of interest.

Other official communications will normally be posted directly to parents or emailed. Increasingly, our reporting to parents regarding student progress, is delivered through our online KAMAR parent portal.  All parents will have access via individual logons and passwords.  Information on the portal includes daily school notices, attendance records, personal details, weekly reports, subject reports, all test results including up to date NCEA data.  Regular checking of the portal is strongly encouraged to maintain the communication flow between home and school.

In addition to these other sources of information, we regularly update our website,, with news and other items of interest.

Day to day matters such as absence notes, requests and explanations are best handled by your son’s form teacher.  He or she also has responsibility for his pastoral care and general progress. The form teacher is a good first point of contact if you have any concerns about your son’s progress and we encourage you to maintain close links with him or her.