Health and Safety

Occupational Safety and Health legislation requires us to ensure the College maintains a safe environment. All accidents, whether in the playground or classroom, should be reported to the teacher in charge at the time and should be treated in the first instance at the school sick bay.

If there is an emergency, the staff member dealing with it will contact parents and take whatever action is necessary - including taking the boy to the Accident and Emergency clinic. Please ensure that we have a contact telephone number during the day and the telephone number of someone else - e.g. neighbour or a grandparent whom we might contact in an emergency. If you become aware of any hazards around the school, which have not been identified appropriately, please let us know.

Serious accidents will be reported on, in full and in writing, within twenty-four hours. Parents will receive full details of any serious accident affecting their sons.

Students’ emotional well-being is equally important and boys at McGlashan should feel safe and secure at all times. Boys, or their parents, should tell form teachers or someone from the senior management team if they do not.

From time to time, also, teachers may refer boys to the counsellor if they feel that this would be appropriate

If your son is on long-term medication, which he needs to take at school, please give us the details, tell us about any warning signs that we need to be aware of and how we can assist if necessary.