Dates and Times

The year’s terms and dates are set by the Ministry of Education and Boards may vary them only slightly. The dates for John McGlashan College are:


Term 1     January 30th - April 11th
Term 2     May 1st - July 7th
Term 3     July 24th - Sept 29th
Term 4     October 16 - Dec 8th

The Board may make minor modifications to this - to take into account the Sunday Services, for example, or to allow for a long weekend at the conclusion of winter sport.  Schools are required to ensure that each year the total number of days for which the school has been open for instruction comes to no less than 190.
A calendar of coming events is available on the school website homepage.  Please contact the school office if there are any events or activities which you would like to have included on this.


Where parents decide to take their sons out of class for extended holidays or for family trips, there is an expectation that boys make a reasonable effort to catch up on work that is missed.  It should be noted that attendance is a legal requirement and that the school is not able to give 'permission' for such absences.

Length of the school day

The school day is broken into six teaching periods of 50 minutes.  Absence notes are received and daily notices delivered at form times every day.  School finishes each day at 3.15 pm.  Time after school may be used for tutoring sessions or for ‘re-submissions’ and ‘re-testing’ for students being assessed under systems which allow for this.  Other activities and meetings can be arranged for the time made available from 3.15pm. However, re-assessments and tests have absolute priority for students who are involved with them.


Boys are expected to arrive at class properly dressed, with the right equipment and on time. In fact, we have a saying here “…if you’re on time, you’re 5 minutes late.”

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