We expect boys to wear their uniform with pride, with their socks up and their shirts tucked in. Parents can support us in this, by insisting on high standards of dress and by ensuring that boys are turned out neatly and appropriately for all school-related activities.

Boys must wear school uniform while they are:

  • at school
  • travelling to and from school
  • travelling to and from inter-school fixtures and out of town sports fixtures
  • at functions or activities where uniform is required by the teacher or staff member in charge.

During the colder months (Terms 2 and 3) Years 11, 12 and 13 must wear longs, blazers, white shirts and ties. With this uniform, both day boys and boarders wear blazers to and from school.

Years 7 to 10 boys also may wear their dress uniform - white shirt and tie, jersey and long grey trousers, if they wish.

There is an official Canterbury school jacket with a monogrammed crest available from Otago Sports Depot.

There is a dress code which must be observed at physical education classes. Sporting codes also have uniform expectations. Boys will be informed of these at the beginning of the season.

Boys can expect to have non-uniform items of clothing taken from them. They may be asked to return home to change or, in some circumstances, denied the opportunity to compete in a particular sports event or competition.

When wearing mufti at school, or at school functions and activities, boys are not permitted to wear inappropriate items of clothing.

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