John McGlashan College School Board

Board members

Neil Garry
Ainslie Anderson
Staff Representative
Simon Anderson
Geoff Burns
Debs Erskine
Oliver Hamilton
Student Representative
Renee Miller
Kyle Murdoch
Presiding Member
Ray O'Brien
Dave Stevens
Tumi Toro

John McGlashan College uses the SchoolDocs system, which provides a user-friendly platform for schools in New Zealand to store all policies and procedures. Our site contains a set of policies and procedures that are tailored to our school. 

The SchoolDocs sites have a unique web address for each school. All members of the school community can access the site using the details below:


Username: mcglashan

Password: jmc


Concerns and Complaints Process
148kb PDF file | ConcernsComplaintsFlowchart.pdf
Strategic Plan 2024
24mb PDF file | Strategic Plan 2024
Annual Accounts 2023
2mb PDF file | 2023 Audited Accounts.pdf
Annual Accounts 2022
2mb PDF file | 2022 Audited Accounts.pdf