The John McGlashan College tradition of academic excellence is a source of pride and an inspiration toward continuous improvement and innovation.

From our small student to teacher ratios and modern learning environments, the integration of ICT across all learning programmes, to the range of senior programmes on offer, boys are immersed in an environment where reaching academic potential is the expectation.  

Our highly professional and passionate staff support the boys both in and out of the classroom, wherever learning needs are perceived, with the goal of each student achieving their own personal excellence.  This attitude, embraced by staff, parents and students alike, forms the environment in which the boys of John McGlashan College continue to thrive academically.

The teaching and learning environment at John McGlashan College is designed to prepare our students for the diverse challenges and opportunities in this ever-changing world.  

Our vision for teaching and learning:

Personalised learning - to enhance opportunities for personalised learning by harnessing a range of resources and by utilising accessibility features which respond to individual learner need.

Global competency - to create experiences for students to collaborate in local, national and global contexts, to encourage active problem solving using authentic and current international issues.

Technical skills - to establish an environment which develops the students into confident users of a range of digital technologies.

Media fluency - to develop information processing skills that ensure students are critical and evaluative in their approach to research and information gathering.

Creativity - to nurture creativity across all curriculum areas by encouraging students to create and share content and to engage in open-ended or project-based learning.