Senior School

The senior years at John McGlashan College are epitomised by choice. There are exciting and rewarding options available for everyone. Not only are there a wide range of qualification pathways that can be taken, but within each, there are also many options and subjects to select from.  

The students that we have seen coming through the junior school (years 7-10) at the College are well placed to take the next developmental steps, that is, their national and/or international qualifications.  Content knowledge, conceptual understandings, contextual learning, and key skill competencies have been planned for and designed with NCEA and the International Baccalaureate in mind. The senior school is an extension of the high quality, innovative teaching available in the junior school.

Boys are encouraged at all year levels to familiarise themselves with the choices they will need to make regarding future courses and career pathways.  Parental involvement with this process is vital and we encourage your input at all times to assist us in finding the best possible pathway for your son.  

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