To form well-rounded men who excel on the international stage


John McGlashan College is a Year 7-13 secondary school for boarders and dayboys in Dunedin, a long-established university city in the south of the South Island, New Zealand. 

The College stresses the individuality of each boy and aims to provide him with a strong foundation for life and extensive opportunities to develop his abilities.  Over the decades, McGlashan men have become leaders in business and agriculture and in academic and professional fields. 

The College gained authorization to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma in 1999, the third school in New Zealand to do so.  That provided a new dimension for many and the IB’s global perspective is now firmly entrenched in the educational ethos of the College.  In recent years many IB students have won highly competitive scholarships and awards, not only to New Zealand Universities but also to Duke, Melbourne, Edinburgh, Cornell, Imperial College and NYU amongst others.

Principal's Foreword

Unbelievably, we find ourselves at the end of another school year. Another group of new boys has completed their first year in the college while the Year 13 cohort leaves us as young men, eager to hit the world running.

Posted: Sunday November 29, 2015

Year 10 Arts Week

On the week of the 23rd of November, four Year 10 classes set off on the annual Arts Week, provided by the school alongside the Ministry of Education. Here are some diary entries by two Year 10 students.

Posted: Sunday November 29, 2015

Year 10 Camp 2015

Year 10 camp: 8 days of icebergs for breakfast, hill climbs for lunch, pre-cooked sausages for dinner and a generous side order of sun, wind, rain and snow. 

Posted: Sunday November 29, 2015

Librarians' Christmas Party 

The table was groaning with food for the annual Librarians' Christmas Party

Posted: Saturday November 28, 2015

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