ICT Requirements 2020

At the start of 2020, the College moved away from solely using iPads and Macintosh laptops.  Increasingly, students and teachers are accessing most applications, communications, and storage online; therefore the particular device, platform, or brand etc being used matters less and less.  

In choosing an appropriate device for school the following points should be considered:

  • You should expect to have at least 2 devices over your time at McGlashan.  Boys coming in at Yr 7 will likely want to upgrade their devices at Yr 10 or 11.  Boys coming in at Yr 9 might wait a little longer.  

  • Do you have a suitable device already that will meet your needs for the first year or so?

  • Will I be using this device for other than school work - if so, will I require something with higher specifications?

  • At senior levels examinations are increasingly being completed digitally and require devices with keyboards - we would encourage developing keyboard skills as early as possible.

  • Size, weight, battery life etc are important considerations - you will be carrying this device to every class - it needs to be sufficiently robust and protected in a case or sleeve whenever possible.

School recommendation:  

The experience of using iPads over past years has demonstrated the flexible and creative aspects to having a touchscreen device, especially in the junior years.  However, we have also experienced the limitations of not having the full functionality and power of a laptop. We are therefore encouraging students to consider a 2-in-1 laptop.  These are modern laptops that are flexible in their use - touchscreen tablet-like as well as full laptop mode. There are a wide range of these on the market and at a wide range of prices. 

Parents are welcome to source devices wherever they can find the best deal although Cyclone Computers (Dn) is the school’s preferred provider.  

You can access their online portal at https://www.cyclone.co.nz/byod/.  

You will need to select the school name and use the password:  mcglashan2020

The college endeavours to maintain a cybersafety culture which is in keeping with the values of the school, and legislative and professional obligations. This user agreement includes information about your obligations, responsibilities, and the nature of possible consequences associated with cybersafety breaches which undermine the safety of the school environment.

All students will be issued with a use agreement and once signed consent has been returned to school, students will be able to access school ICT equipment and services.

ICT User Agreement
1mb PDF file | ICT-Use-Agreement.pdf