Back at Moana Pool after 2 year absence.

Monday 12th September 2022

The race for the Elvidge Cup is on after Gilray dominated the Swimming Sports

The Swimming sports was dominated by Gilray who won all but one of the Senior and Junior Championship races. Matt O'Meara swapped the Rowing boat for the pool to win all but one of the Senior races, with a great tussle between Lachlan Russel and Louie Rouvi in the Junior races. Burns Hugo Beeby dominated the Primary races. The diving board had the crowd captivated with some very interesting entries into the pool.

House Results (Raw Score)

1st Gilray (938)

2nd Ross (617)

3rd Burns (584)

4th Balmacewen (460)

Individual top 3


1st Hugo Beeby (Burns), 2nd Ruan Hamman (Ross), 3rd Toby O'Neill (Ross)


1st Lachlan Russell, 2nd Louie Rouvi, 3rd Josh Clearwater- Blunt (All Gilray)


1st Matt O'Meara (Gilary), 2nd Ewan Beadell (Gilray), 3rd Taine Dyson (Balmacewen)