International Students - A busy term four...

Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Exams, year 10 camp, arts week, work experience and a social kept the international boys busy for term four.

 Rix chung, and Daniel Shen, Jed Song, Minsu Kim, Nick Worachai, Louis Kang, Terence Yau, Min Jeong and Ken Lee all participated in the activities.

I had the pleasure of accompanying 10 TC on their Ohau / Mt Cook experience.  The boys all completed new challanges and for some of them it was the first time they had experienced camping and hiking when they went up the South Temple basin and Mt Mason.


                       Year 10 Camp

On the 6th of November the year 10 went to camp, everybody was so excited about it. Our class, 10 TC went to Huxley lodge and the other class went to Glentanner.  The first thing we did at Huxley is river crossing which is really fun.   We had to cross the river and we had to support each other from falling.   Our helper Dave taught us the technique of how to cross the river and after that, we went back to Huxley lodge and had an amazing dinner.
The next day, we got ready to go tramping which meat hard work.  We took the mini van and went to the South Temple Basin.  After everyone arrived, we split into 8 groups of 3 and we started walking.  Even though it was hard work, the view was extraordinary and after an hour walking, we finally arrived at our first resting place.  After a few minutes rest we took off and kept walking.  A few ours later we finally arrived at the campsite. We took out all our gear and put up the tents and after that we could finally get some rest and have some food to eat.
On the 8th November, we are getting ready and go hiking, everyone got their packs ready and we took off.  We walked for about 10 minutes and we are at the bottom of the mountain. I look up which is really scary because I'm scared of heights and the steepness.  We kept walking up and the view was amazing.  You could see the valley and the mountains but we didn’t go up to the top because of the weather so we walked down and went back to our campsite.
The next day it was time to go back to the Huxley lodge and the walk was easier than the walk to the campsite.  It only took us 3 hours to walk back. We went back to Huxley lodge and did some fishing there, had our dinner and got ready to go to Glentanner.
Glentanner was great.  They've got free Wi-Fi and a shower, and you can see Mt Cook from the living room as well.  Everything is better than Huxley. We went to the Hooker valley and sat on the boat to look at the glacier.  The glacier is so grand! This is the first time I ever see a glacier and it was amazing.  After the boat ride we went up the hooker valley and did some more walking.  This time it was easier because the track is made for tourists but still, we walked for 2 hours and saw the other side of the glacier and then we walked back to the van and drove to the Search and Rescue centre where they tell you what they do when someone needs help on the mountain.
The next day, we went to a salmon farm and we feed the salmon and people showed us how to cut the fish and get the fish guts out.  They asked if anyone wanted to try the salmon heart, and I was like ‘yea sure’ and put it in my mouth, taste like blood and that’s it, nothing special.  After the salmon farm we went to this dam and fished there, after that we went back to Glentanner.  That night, Mr Mountain came back with 4 fish and we had them for breakfast the next day.
We went back to Huxley and meet up the other because we are going back to Dunedin, yes! Finally, after an excited and exhausted week we can finally go back to Dunedin.  It has been a fun week, I really wish I can do it again. - Rix Chung.  10 TC

Work experience was a new experience for some of the boys.  Ken Lee had a very successful time at the Otago Museum and helped prepare for a Japanese sword exhibition which he said was one of the best experiences of his life!!

During arts week, the boys experienced Pacific Island dancing with Mr Clark, drama/film at Toitu with Ms Fridd, music at school with Brad and pottery and hand building at the Otago Potters Society with ex student Hamish Garry and myself (Mr Mountain).  The boys made pots on the wheel and gnomes with Hamish.

Finally, Andrew Wang helped organise a social with DISC (Dunedin International Social Committee).  We went to the ice disco at the Dunedin Ice Stadium with students from St Hilda's, Columba, Logan Park and Otago girls.  It was a nice way to end the year and say goodbye to the boys who are leaving us.  

Finally, I would like to say goodbye to the following international students who are leaving us to continue on with the next part of their lives.  We wish them all the best for the future and wish all of our students, staff and home stay providers a very happy and safe Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

Charles Thammongkolchai - Thailand

Andrew Wang - China

Aries Pun - Hong Kong

Aubrey Kan - Hong Kong

Shaon Zhai - China

Taro Chen - Taiwan

Jeehuhn Kim - South Korea

Daniel Yoon - 

Mint Maneerit - Thailand

Josh Chung - South Korea

International Social
International boys on camp in Ohau.