Sunday 26th February 2023

We recently recognised our students who performed exceptionally in their NCEA exams. The following is a transcript from that assembly.

"Today’s assembly is about celebrating the academic success of our senior students from 2022. Two-thirds of those students are here with us this morning – our current Yr 12 & 13’s – and each and every one of them experienced success last year.

For some it was improving on your performance from the previous year, for some it was gaining high enough grades to give you entry to a subject that you really wanted to take this year. For some, it was getting that portfolio finally completed – maybe for photography, maybe for writing. For others, it was simply getting along to all your exams and attempting every paper. And for almost every one of you, it included passing your qualification - NCEA Level 1 or Level 2. All those things are truly worth celebrating.

And many of you probably have – maybe with an internal sense of satisfaction or pride that you set a goal, made an effort, and gained a result. Maybe you celebrated with your mates, or with your families. Or maybe just the relief you felt after getting through such a disruptive and stressful year, was celebration enough. But today, we, your teachers, want to add our voices to your personal celebrations and say well done – we really are proud of your efforts and results.

As well as the NCEA or IB qualifications that our seniors are all working toward, McGlashan adds some further goals or challenges. It is those additional levels of academic success that we will focus on today.

Boys who gain 50 or more excellence credits across the year are recognised by NZQA by being awarded an Overall Excellence Endorsement. A few years ago McGlashan began awarding a series of badges that boys can wear on their blazers to show they had met this level at either level 1, 2 or 3.

The following boys have gained Excellence Endorsed certificates at

Level 1: Charlie Pearson, Ewan Beadell, David Song, William Parks, Jack Tourelle, Jacob Cooper and George O'Connell.

Level 2: Marek Leith-Rickerby, Hamish McIntyre, Nicholas Hinton, Ethan Leitch, Henry Scott, Max Simpson and Max Hore.

As well as gaining their Excellence endorsed certificate, the following boys have also met the requirements for a Scholar’s Tie. This recognises that you are an expert in most of your subjects – you must gain an Excellence endorsement in at least 3 of your subjects – which means getting 14 Excellence credits in each subject from a mix of both internal & external standards. To do this in 3 or more subjects is really showing that you are a serious scholar. Scholars are awarded a distinctive tie which they are entitled to wear for the rest of the time that they are at McGlashan.

Scholars Tie recipients are

At Level 1: Emilio Ghosh-Novero

And at level 2:Josh Chagnon, William Macpherson and Jed Nevill

Our final awards are for the 100 & 200 Club. To be recognised at this level, boys must have met the excellence endorsement criteria in at least 4 of their subject

100 CLUB recipients:

Wei Hun Loh

Jock McMillan,

Oliver Hamilton

William Bary

Finlay Anderson

Hugo Poland

200 CLUB recipients:

John Mengel,

Sam Johnston

Millar McElrea (Abs)

Marco Hartono

Tom Dyer

Tom Rasmussen (Tie)

Hunter McGregor (Tie)

Well done to all the recipients today. I encourage you all to consider carefully what your own personal measure of success will be for the coming year – setting it early, and starting it early will go a long way to making it happen."