Wednesday 17th August 2016

John McGlashan College students attend a Sir Graham Henry Luncheon.

Sir Graham Henry Luncheon.
Sir Graham Henry Luncheon.

Henry Bell, George Russell and Taylor Mechen were thrilled to meet with Sir Graham Henry. The University of Otago sponsored Luncheon was a precursor to the University's Science Week. Sir Graham spoke to 100 Otago secondary school students about the Science of Sport. Training, Mental Skills, Nutrition and Coaching. 

His main point was the need for Coaches and Players to have high levels of Emotional Intelligence. This enabled the self-aware player to improve.

Taylor thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet the Sir saying he found him a warm, friendly personality with a down to earth style that was easy to understand.

George Russell, Taylor Mechen, Henry Bell on the Museum Reserve before the Sir Graham Henry Luncheon.