The Business End of the Year

Wednesday 27th November 2019

For many students, term four is the time they get to showcase their learning for the year.

At the College, we offer both the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) examinations in year 11-13 and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) examinations for year 12-13 students.  Leading up to and during the examination period there was a hive of productivity and nervous energy on campus.  Students were in attendance at the impressive number of regular and impromptu tutorials going on to pass on the final tips and tricks to empower the students for their examinations. 

In 2020, the College's practice examinations will be held in term 3 in weeks 9 and 10. 

 Shifting the practice examinations will give the NCEA students from year 11-13 a good four week study time period to absorb any feedback from the practice examinations. The IBDP students will have a solid three weeks before their examinations start.

We expect all students to aspire to gain merit and excellence grades in every and all assessments provided to them.  We also expect that each student will aim for Merit and/or Excellence course endorsements too.

It is vital that all students know where they are heading and what pre-requisites are required for the next step before they sit the exams.  So, in term 3, before going into this examination period, all year 12-13 students had a 1-to-1 career planning conversation with Ms. Gardiner.  Year 11 students met with Mr. Casey (Dean) or Mr. Porter (AP-Curriculum), Mr. Knopp (AP-Admin) or Ms. Gardiner.  

All year 11 students were presented with the four pathway options at the College.  It is important to know that they are making a two-year decision when they look at the options for year 12-13

JMCPathways — Image by: Brendan Porter

All course selection requirements and pre-requisites were published to the KAMAR portal on our school website as shown below:

Image by: Brendan Porter

If you have any further questions about course selection for 2020, or NCEA please contact Chris Knopp (  If you have any questions about the IBDP, please contact Brendan Porter (