"Without Geography, you're nowhere"

Tuesday 16th August 2016

The University of Otago Geography Department holds its Maatangi Whenua Annual Regional Geography Quiz.

On Thursday the 12th of August, two teams of six fine lads form the Year 11 Geography class, set out at lunch time for the annual Maatangi Whenua Geography quiz. We arrived in no time at the Otago University, thanks to some brilliant driving and parking on Mr Idours behalf. Team A consisted of Oliver Mouat, Matthew Silvey and Tyler Wilden. Team B was made up of Angus Frew, Patrick Larrivee and Angus Mckenzie. To kick off the quiz there was a general knowledge geography round. Three more rounds later and we had a short break in the worlds smallest staff room! After another three rounds of tricky questions, the quiz was over and South Otago High School had claimed the top title out of all the sixteen teams competing from all over Otago/Southland. McGlashan A team finished 4th and McGlashan B finished right behind them. Both Johnnies teams put up a tough fight and did really well.