Tuesday 3rd April 2018

We have good cause to be very proud of the way our boys have conducted themselves this term.

Maadi Cup 2018
Maadi Cup 2018

I hope you have had time to recharge your batteries over Easter, Dunedin has certainly put on some spectacular weather for the many visitors who have poured into Otago for the long weekend. 

I have good cause to be very proud of the way our boys have conducted themselves this term. If you have managed to be present at any of the recent McGlashan events and activities, you would be aware of the genuine way in which the boys conduct themselves. Visitors, parents and staff often remark on their citizenship, good manners and sense of duty to the college and each other. Not only do they apply themselves to their daily activities with inner strength and dignity, but in doing so, they uphold the reputation and honour of the college. The staff and I find this attitude heartening and inspiring.

At Maadi Cup, the national secondary schools rowing championships held at Lake Ruataniwha near Twizel, our rowing team demonstrated characteristics typical of our McGlashan community. The team has developed over a number of years and is made up of a group of boys who train at 5 am, five days a week. Like a lot of dedicated McGlashan coaches, Bryce Abernathy and Mitchell Parks promote a healthy, well-balanced team culture where the squad strives to be as close to the top of the table as possible through personal excellence. Team ethos dictates that what happens 'off ' the water is as essential as competition and completion.

The parent-lead John McGlashan College Rowing Club maintains an equitable and deliberate focus of 'speed on the water' as well as the holistic development of every boy. From my observations, not only in rowing but in so many of our extracurricular activities, I see that every boy is supported by at least one parent, grandparents, maybe an aunt and cousin or two, as well as many friends and old boys.  Supporters were rewarded on the day when McGlashan's exploits were continually hailed by the race commentator as we streamed across the finish line 'doing the business'.

For me, the boys create an energy which engenders a highly productive and purposeful school culture. Challenges are confronted head-on with determination, resilience and a commitment to teamwork. Success is always hard-fought and is usually preceded by many a defeat, so above all, I am most proud of their resilience, work-ethic and humility in failure and success. Well done boys.

I would like to acknowledge all students who have represented the college this term, also the coaches and parents who actively support school activities. Your encouragement is the bedrock of our McGlashan culture.

I am writing this article as daylight saving heralds a change of season. I hope the school holidays allow time for the boys to think about their objectives and plans for the remainder of the year.

Safe travels to all of those going to Vietnam or Argentina over the holidays and to everyone else, enjoy the break.

Neil Garry