Friday 2nd December 2016

Agribusiness School of Excellence programme will be launched at John McGlashan College in 2017.

Agribusiness partnership with Mt Difficulty Winery 
Agribusiness partnership with Mt Difficulty Winery 

As we head towards the first days of summer, the senior boys are sitting the last of their external exams and the Year 7 – 10 programme is providing adventure and variety.

Many interesting stories are emerging from the Year 10 Arts Week, Careers Week and well-being days and the outdoor education experience at Mount Cook and Huxley Lodge. One boy, with a suspected broken ankle, was airlifted from the South Temple area to the top of Dunedin Hospital, by the brand new rescue helicopter. It was a very windy day and winching him off the mountain proved quite an experience. This situation tested our safety and emergency procedures, but the experience and competency of the staff in managing the situation and our investment in a satellite phone led to a good outcome, and some very relieved parents.

After two years of planning, our Agribusiness School of Excellence programme will be launched at NCEA Level 2 in 2017. Dr Craig Preston and I travelled to Mt Difficulty Vineyard in Bannockburn to meet owner Robin Dicey and discussed how John McGlashan College might take our theoretical classroom activities into a viticulture environment. Mt Difficulty is a progressive company, and Mr Dicey has agreed to host McGlashan students for field work next year. We are excited about the enormous possibilities for Agribusiness and what it will add to our already rich and diverse curriculum.

2016 has been another excellent year, and there has been a strong feeling of inclusion around the college; boys are motivated, self-reliant and very busy. I wait with anticipation for our 2017 academic results.

I would like to thank the parents for their ongoing commitment to the values of the college and the generous contribution that you make in the interests of our boys.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer. We are already looking forward to 2017 and the opportunities it will bring.

Best wishes for Christmas,

Neil Garry.

Agribusiness partnership with Mt Difficulty Winery