Diploma Programme kicks off for 2018

Saturday 24th February 2018

A brief look at academic results from 2017, and our new intake.

IB Lapel Badge
IB Lapel Badge

A very warm welcome to the 16-strong cohort who have taken on the IB challenge for 2018.  Perhaps the largest part of that 'challenge' is that the Diploma is an unknown quantity for them -  with our 20 years experience in the programme and hundreds of successful past graduates, we trust that boys will quickly settle and feel comfortable with their new normal.  Academically, this group has huge potential with almost half gaining entry to our 100 Club for their Level 1 results.

Last year's graduating cohort, whilst smaller, maintained the strong overall academic achievement we have seen in recent years.  With an average of 32 points (Diploma is awarded at 24), our boys again performed well over the global average of 29.  These students are currently taking up enrolment offers at a range of universities both within NZ and abroad, and in future articles we hope to feature past students and where they are now.

We also have 17 boys moving into their second year of the programme.  Based on their IB practice exams last November, four gained the necessary scores for the exclusive 200 Club.  A further two, lifted their results from Year 11 to gain their scholars' tie, and four boys who sat their final IB exams for maths a year early, all gained the highest possible grade of 7.  

The year ahead is looking very positive with a number of new initiatives around curriculum delivery and administration of the programme.  These will be covered in detail in future articles.

Please feel free at any time to contact me regarding any aspect of your son's IB course.

Chris Knopp
IBDP Coordinator