Year 10 Dean's Awards for June

Tuesday 28th June 2022

Hi again, Mr Allan here and I have a handful of legends who need to be recognised!

We are at the end of Term Two, and this has been a challenging term for a number of reasons. That makes these award recipients even more impressive - as they are the ones who have stood up, despite facing immense challenges in turbulent times. 

The recipients, all of whom deserve at least a fist bump or a high five if you see them around school, are: 

10 GAV -  Aram Talahma

Aram has been Mr Consistent over the last month - getting stuck into his work with no fuss and no worries. Consistency is key, as they say, and he has modelled this to his fellow classmates like a true legend would. He's probably been within arm's reach of the last couple of Dean's awards already, so it's good to be able to give it to him for his efforts in the month of June - on top of all the solid mahi he has been doing already this year. Keep leading the way, Aram.

10 RKO - Matt Jarvie

Now many in RKO might think I am giving this to Matt on the back of his spectacular recommendation for Firebird (a food truck in Wanaka) but I can assure you all that was just a cherry on top of a hard-work cake. What a metaphor. Anyway, Matt has been consistent, determined, polite and hard-working for a sustained period of time, most notably in June. This award is very well-deserved and I hope it may even earn him a celebratory meal at Firebird from Mr and Mrs Jarvie. I have my fingers crossed for you, Matt.

10 SMN - Sam Hancox

Sam has displayed the kind of will power that I have come to expect from the Hancox family, after seeing his brother George show the same resolve on the rugby field for a couple of seasons now. Sam's efforts are more impressive, however, as it isn't full-time after 80 minutes - he does this all day, every day. When faced with a challenge, Sam steps up and tackles it head on. Top effort, Sam!

10 TSH - Maita Madambi

Maita has been very close to receiving this award in almost every month of this year so far, so I am glad to be naming him today. Maita is a cool, calm, and collected character who goes about his work with a smile on his dial. His attitude is infectious and he is a positive influence on the rest of his classmates around him. Again, it's great to be able to shine the spotlight on a guy who just quietly goes about his business in a very respectable fashion. Great work, Maita!