John McGlashan College / Rockhampton Grammar Exchange

Friday 10th April 2015

June 21st - 28th.

There is an exciting opportunity for our current Yr10 students to be part of this upcoming exchange.

On June 21st 7 boys and 3 girls from Rockhampton Grammar will be flying into Dunedin as part of their Global Education initiative.  The students will be staying at John McGlashan College and Columba College for the week, attending lessons in the mornings and an activity programme in the afternoons, which will include a day in Naseby curling, skating  and learning to luge.  This is an exciting new venture for all the schools involved and provides the opportunity for our students to do a return trip during their Yr11 in 2016.  We have already started to look at the return trip, which would coincide with the mid-year holidays and take in Great Keppel Island, an Aboriginal Dream Time Centre, Mt Hay looking for thunder eggs, Capricornia Caves and many other Australian experiences.

Thanks to the 5 families who have put their names forward to act as billets for the boys in June, we just need 2 more!  Any boys offering billets this year will have first refusal on return trip in 2016.  If you could offer a billet to one of these boys, please contact Jan Owen, the Principal's P.A. with your details.