Monday 12th August 2019

Will Palmer (#8074, 2011-2017)

As my final year at McGlashan was coming to an end in 2017, my mates and I were faced with the task of choosing a career path and a passion we would like to pursue. With a lot of my friends choosing to do very appealing apprenticeships or making the move down the road to Otago University I was on the on fence trying to decide where I should be looking. After being unsure on what I wanted and where to look, I was able to talk to very helpful staff who were able to show me all sorts of courses and universities around the country. After looking around and hearing what other universities had to offer, I was straight away drawn to the highly renowned Industrial Design course at Massey University based in Wellington. With my main passion at school lying in Arts and Technology I felt pursuing something in the creative and design industry was perfect for me. As the school year was coming to an end, I was getting portfolios ready and applications for my course ready to be sent off as soon as possible. After hearing I had been accepted into the course and Residential hall I felt extremely lucky and couldn't wait to see what life was like up North. After moving in to my Hall I instantly meet an entire new group of mates who had places all over the country and passions similar to me. The first year of Design at Massey is designed to give you a taste of everything and make sure you can settle in right. I felt moving from Johnnies to Massey was a very easy transition as the lecturers are a good size and you can talk and discuss with your class mates and teachers with a good amount of freedom. My first year consisted of me exploring all sorts of things Massey had to offer and trying to find the exact path I’d like to work at for the following years. I tried out in classes such as Fashion, Photography, Film, Communications, Object and more. After completing my first year I felt my passion mainly laid in the object class which also goes on to be Industrial Design. Now half way through my second year I am in a six man flat with all new friends I met in first year and designing and making things from coffee machines, Kakapo Egg grabbers, tools for the elderly and Furniture. Moving up here was one of the best things I have done. Despite having such a good time in Wellington I am lucky to have a such good mates in Otago who I see regularly during the long Massey Breaks and am all ways able to make the most of coming back home to Dunedin.