Thursday 1st February 2024

This year's IBDP Year 1 cohort began the year with a flurry of activity. Thinking Global, Acting Local & Keeping it Real!

We've always said that IBDP students care for more than just their grades. They actually have a real appreciation for the world around them and the effects of their choices and actions on it.

Ross Creek - Rubbish Collection

What started with the idea to go into Ross Creek and pick up rubbish, ended up with being an inter-disciplinary learning opportunity as we discussed "What is Art?" and "In what ways can indigenous knowledge of the stars tell us about our past and present?" and "In what ways does Mathematics influence Art and other Scientific Discoveries".

Keeping it Real!

Predator Trapping

We are working alongside City Sanctuary, Town Belt Kaitiaki, and the DCC to resume our predator trapping activities in the town belt.  Again considering the ethics of our choices and actions.  Questions like, "Why should we trap possums, rats and other predators?" and "Why is it important to ensure our native flora and fauna can thrive?".  

Thinking Global, Acting Local 

Te Nohoaka Tukiauau - Sinclair Wetlands

When you spend 30-40 minutes listening to Tumai Cassidy (Kai Tahu) explain 800 years of the History of Te Nohoaka Tukiauau - Sinclair Wetlands, you come away with a sense of how significant the area is, and how important it is to protect and restore what was there for future generations.  The IBDP students were challenged with the idea that the decisions we make now, need to be the right decisions for the future too.   

Being able to walk into the wetlands area and understand how the land and people need each other, to make decisions for the land that is sustainable and appropriate for the area.  We understood the validity of Mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) and it's scientific and practical rationale.

We gave them our time by clearing grasses and other weeds around their native plants. 

Again, inter-disciplinary learning was at the forefront in terms of gaining knowledge from History, Ecology, Environmental Systems, Horticulture, and Te Ao Māori.

Principled Action: Being mindful of your choices and actions

IBDP Dinner

E tū Kahikatea
Hei whakapae ururoa
Awhi mai awhi atu
Tātau tātau e!

Stand like the Kahikatea
To brave the storms
Embrace one another
We are one together!

Like the whakatauki describes, the IBDP students are a team - knitted together - a strong brotherhood, but also the parents are a big part of this too. We had a wonderful dinner at Nanking Palace. The whole idea there was to bring everyone together, to cement friendships.

This year is going to be another great year of learning and self-discovery for the students. 

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