Tuesday 15th May 2018

Uphill and down, big air, speed and collar-bone alley, Year 11 PE mountain bike camp had it all.

Year 11 Physical Education mountain bike camp Naseby.
Year 11 Physical Education mountain bike camp Naseby.

With some trepidation, we set off to Naseby for the Year 11 Bike Camp. This was due to the smack talk and false bravado around who can do what on a bike, which generally makes a teacher more than just a little nervous. However, with Ranfurly Medical Centre on speed dial, we got amongst it and sent it!  

Three days of hardcore biking were rewarded with some fantastic NCEA results for their Year 11 Physical Education assessment. All the boys showed great commitment and pushed the boundaries and pushed themselves through a bit of pain and had some great rides. This year all the boys helped with track maintenance on some of the many well-marked tracks in the Naseby Forest. This was a great way to give back and to gain an appreciation of what goes on behind the scenes.

Comments from the boys were:

“The camp was a fantastic experience to develop the skills of mountain biking as well as having a good time with my McGlashan brothers” – Max Walker

“I reckon it was a good time, a few crashes here, a few crashes there” - Adam Woodhouse

“ Made memories with my best friends” – Dom Morrison

“Who put the landing so far away? Sorry Mum and Dad” – Jaquan Mapusua

“The derailer was broken when I got it” – Keegan Hall

“This was the best time of my life ever” – Tom Gold

Thanks have to go to Rachel Duffy and Selina Herbert who were fantastic help with riding and preparing the food. Thanks also to student helpers Bailey Dowling and Zach White as well as teachers Stew McDonald and Jeremy Cuthbert. 

Ready for the PE mountain bike time trial.
Yr11 PE bike camp.