Thursday 9th August 2018

Year 8 and 9 students proudly present the fabulous findings of their intriguing investigations.

Joseph Knopp - Phone Projector
Joseph Knopp - Phone Projector

Science fairs tend to reflect a certain zeitgeist. Whilst baking soda volcanoes have been firmly rejected in recent times; investigations have lately turned from the effectiveness of such things as fidget spinners on concentration to the effect of Fortnight on concentration!

This year's McGlashan fair featured strong themes of investigating air pollution, microbial aspects of milk and the accuracy of GPS technology.

Eighteen students from the McGlashan fair were selected to present at the Otago fair held in the Otago Museum. Between them, they won a  total of 19 prizes. In addition to this was the Year 7 and 8 Premier Award won by Joseph Knopp, for his project where he developed and tested a cell phone projector. 

The following students all won prizes at the Otago Science Fair: Sheon Luxmanan, Gary Yao, Thomas Rasmussen, Morgan Blair, Ethan Leitch, Tom Dyer, Fynn Allison, John Mengel, Timothy Bradfield, Isaac McConachie, Ryan McCaughan, Theo Stebbings.   


Morgan Blair
Nathan McKnight
Fynn Allison
John Mengel - Effect of different structures on earthquake shake magnitude
Tom Dyer
Thomas Rasmussen - Effect of Coloured Light on Plant Growth
Joseph Knopp - Phone Projector
Ethan Leitch - Effect of Coffee Grounds on Mustard Germination
Edward Diaz-Farron
Otago Science Fair - Hutton Theatre (Otago Museum)