Signs of spring suggest it's time to start exam study

Sunday 10th September 2017

Back in the day, my history teacher told me that when you see blossom on trees, then it’s time for senior students to start studying for final exams. This is advice I pass on to McGlashan boys now.  

The signs of spring suggest it's time to study
The signs of spring suggest it's time to study

The end of the academic year is in sight but there is still a great deal to do before summer holidays begin. Most senior subjects are finishing off internal assessments at the moment and preparing students for college exams. Year 13 IB students are already sitting their college exams and NCEA students will do theirs in the first week of Term 4. These will provide valuable feedback to help prepare boys for their finals.

The final full school assembly will held period 6 on Thursday 2nd November, at which the prefects for 2018 will be announced. The Senoir Prizegiving will be on Thursday 2nd November at 7.00pm in the Davies Sports Centre and from Friday 3rd November, our Get Help in Gilray tutorial programme will run. Boys are expected to be in school for tutorials and they will sign up online to the sessions relevant for them.

In the lead up to the final exams, I encourage parents and sons to talk about exam times, study timetables and tutorials to make sure that the boys get all the help they need. Assessment information and feedback is available on Kamar and end-of-year reports, including exam results will be sent out in week 2 of Term 4.