Saturday 11th December 2021

Amazing weather set the Kepler group up for a truly outstanding week away on Yearr 10 camp.

Eighteen boys and great parent help from Karl Andrews and Janet Steel, along with the ever ready energy and experience of Mrs Smith and the epic environmental knowledge of Mr Leitch resulted in a great experience on the Kepler. All the boys worked well in helping and supporting each other up the big hill on the first day to reach the beauty of the Luxmore hut. Butter chicken was a favourite and provided the energy to negotiate the stunning day two pass in perfect weather. 

Other highlights were of 19 player Uno and old school hacky sack at the Iris Burn hut. Walking out was a 22km trot to Rainbow Reach and some much-needed rest and fish and chips. Rest wasn't for too long though, as the next morning was a 4.45am wake up and a ride into Milford Sound. Here with the help of Roscoe's Kayaks, we had a spectacular paddle with some entertaining guides around the Sound.

An outstanding bunch of boys who all stuck to the task and gained in different ways from a memorable outdoor experience.