A new burst of technology! I’m trialling this approach today to get some info out to you this week.

Sunday 8th March 2015

If it works well we may get to share news more easily.

How’d your day start today? Mine was quite unreal due to so many of your very active sons.

After skipping my dog walk on the golf course (again) I did the rounds of the early morning events. The tennis courts were filled with carrot-eating Year 9’s being coached, the upstairs gym with full on “tin-shifters”, the volley ballers were on the main court and an Under 15 pre-season training group in the quad. As I rounded the corner two vans of rowers sped in and a group of joggers too — all ready for a well-earned breakfast. It’s a great place for active boys! (last Wed). 

The neat thing at the moment is we are having to hold some boys back from overdoing things.......... the cross over to winter sport is upon us. Monday morning , after a wet weekend and cancellation still bought the news of the rowers gaining medals galore at the South Islands and Volleyballers becoming the Otago champs and plenty of boys proud of their Relay for Life contribution. We can’t forget the cricket season. Great numbers of boarders are involved across our 7 teams, many are leading influences in their teams. The Y9 B’s are stealing the show with their unbeaten run! 

Info re Holidays Ahead:

1. The long weekend for Anniversary Weekend — the boarding house is closing Friday 20th at 5 pm and re-opening on the Monday from 5 pm (remember, no evening meal that night). 

2. The term holidays start on Thursday 2nd April. We have no bookings these holidays and so boys just need to pack up the basics for home. 

3. And I have a mini one for the World Cup final — away Friday 27th and Monday 30th. Please ring Rosemary 021 467662 or Bruce Genever during that weekend 0211655057. Go the Black Caps!